How To Replace a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon

Replacement For Oregon Medical Marijuana Card Online

Can I Replace My Oregon Medical Marijuana Card?

Yes, it is possible to replace a lost, damaged, or stolen Oregon medical cannabis card. A name or address change is another common reason for replacing a medical marijuana card.

Do I Need to Report a Lost or Stolen Oregon Medical Marijuana Card?

No. Reporting a stolen or lost medical cannabis card is not required by law in Oregon.

How to Get a Replacement Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon

To request a replacement medical marijuana card in Oregon, take the following steps:

  • Prepare a written application for a replacement card, making sure to include your name and mailing address
  • Mail the written request and the applicable fee to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program at (OMPP):

Oregon Medical Marijuana Program P.O. Box 14450 Portland, OR 97293-0116

Cost of an Oregon Medical Marijuana Replacement Card

An Oregon replacement medical cannabis card costs $100 (standard fee). However, this fee is waived if the cardholder is a veteran. A veteran must submit proof of having a U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs disability rating of no less than 50% due to illnesses or injuries from active military service to qualify. Similarly, the Oregon replacement medical marijuana card fee is reduced to $20 for the following persons:

How Long to Get a Replacement Oregon Medical Marijuana Card?

The OMMP issues replacement Oregon medical marijuana cards and mails them to cardholders as soon as it approves their requests.

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